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Healthcare Private-Pay



In today's ever-changing healthcare market, medical professionals are constantly looking for ways to remain profitable. Healthcare providers agree that to remain competitive they must keep their office running smooth and efficient.

KCS offers programs that increase cash flow, while at the same time, work to increase internal productivity. Outsourcing programs such as this allows your office staff to focus efforts in other areas.

Private-Pay Receivables Division

This division is not a collection service and is not considered part of Kings Credit Services in the eyes of the patient. Rather, it is seen as a billing company that is a direct extension of the client. Outsourcing of receivables has become one of the most beneficial and cost effective ways to complete certain tasks in today's business environment.

The benefits are numerous and can translate into greater profits for a healthcare provider's bottom line. Personnel can become focused on specific duties that are more productive and cost effective, allowing management to focus on more important issues than overseeing personnel.

Our outsourcing system was designed to handle all private-pay patient accounts, ensuring timely payments and help for recovering the full balance as soon as possible.

Our staff is comprised of professional medical billing specialists. Each employee is trained in medical terminology, and all are Spanish speaking.

Our goal is to clear the patient's account in as short a period as possible.

While accounts are in this program, personnel will use a combination of phone calls and written letters/reminders in an attempt to establish a payment arrangement quickly.

All payments received, less fee and half of the accrued interest collected, will be remitted on a weekly basis. This remittance frequency will help to maintain a level of steady cash flow to our clients.

Review our Healthcare eBrochure.